Sarah Michael



Animation & Games




Sarah Michael is an innovative artist and programmer in the field of interactive sculpture and installation.

With a background in still photography, architecture and site specific installation, Ms. Michael’s work explores our perception of light and the revelations we experience within, through, and due to light. She investigates how an increased awareness of our visceral connection and relationship to light can heighten our connection to a place as well to as a moment in time.

Ms. Michael conducted research and experiments at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University where she exhibited extensively. In this laboratory setting, her work tested the engagement of people with light. Using embedded sensors and mirco-processors, her light sculptures offer an opportunity to delineate and accent space by controlling light. This engenders an interaction with the sculpture and personification of light that which the presence of light is embodied the presence of light due to the ability to interact with light.

While she was a Master’s Degree student at ITP, Ms. Michael also taught writing and studied pedagogy in New York University’s Expository Writing Program. Her teachings utilized interdisciplinary reading of visual, aural and written texts, to encourage her students to create rigorous, expansive and creative essays. She is committed to developing the expressive abilities in her students.

Ms. Michael received her Bachelors of Arts from Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio in English literature with minors in Art and Art History. More recently, she received a Masters of Professional Studies at the renowned Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University.